Learning through play

Our curriculum (What we teach) and pedagogy (How we teach)

We follow the ‘Development Matters’ framework, striving to teach and develop children’s learning within the setting.

Our pedagogy is child-centred, we use each child’s individual interests and characteristics of effective learning to encourage child-led learning. We incorporate the child’s intentions into their specific interests and use guided learning to model communication, behaviour and new learning.

We are a qualified ‘Hygge’ setting and we also follow the ethos of the ‘Curiosity Approach’, having a designated curiosity area in which we encourage children to explore and incorporate items into their play. Throughout the setting and activities we strive to incorporate these with real-life, natural and holistic objects.

Every child is appointed a ‘Key Person’ upon starting Preschool, this may change if the child forms a bond with another practitioner.

We complete starting points when a child starts, a 2-year check and end-of-year reports alongside posting recent/ completed intentions on ‘Tapestry’ to fully include parents/ carers in their children’s learning and development.

We continuously assess children’s development and intentions updating these on Tapestry. If we have any concerns regarding learning gaps we will schedule meetings with parents to discuss the intentions regarding extra support and involving other agencies